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I make specific use of the human form to capture many of the components with which I build my images. Although I enjoy capturing the transient beauty of nature as it flits from one dying masterpiece to the next, I now try to construct my images rather more purposefully, through careful and deliberate placement and posing of models, dancers, and other components, as would have the Old Masters with oil on canvas. Most of my projects are planned with this as a core objective.

In each of my projects, I strive for ultimate simplicity as the antidote to this world of noise and flashing lights. I try to make my images as serene as I can – almost Zen-like wherever possible. I hope you enjoy viewing the results of my projects as much as I enjoy working on them.

Current projects I’m working on, whether in planning, casting, production or post, are listed below.

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  • Project: Fine-Art Figure

    See all projects If there is one single subject which has survived the ages, from ancient civilisations, though the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the modern day, it is the depiction of the human nude as a fine-art genre. It has fascinated my since I was young, and I am driven to follow this…

  • Project: Scottish Seaside

    See all projects I’m currently in the planning phase of my Scottish Seaside figure project, complementing & contrasting the shapes and tones of the body with the various features & textures found along the Scottish shoreline.

  • Project: Urban Ballet

    See all castings Casting reliable dancers for ongoing fine-art urban dance project. Dancers will be photographed on location in tastefully creative poses to enhance the shapes, line and form of the human body. Dancers must be physically fit, toned and flexible with a natural, commercial look. With some discussion, poses may be designed to maintain…