About: Me

Hi there. I’m Guy Carnegie. I’ve been photographing the strength, character and shape of the human form for over 20 years now, have met some incredible people and made some wonderful friends along the way.

Photography for me is a means of satisfying my creative and social thirst. I use my photography as an escape from the busy nine-to-five engineering world, and if I can bring some happiness and escapism to others while I’m doing it, then even better!

More than anything, I strive for simplicity in my images – it’s all about calming life down a bit. I try to make my images as serene and peaceful as I can.

Self-care is so important as a survival tool in today’s world – appreciating our incredible bodies and paying attention to our physical and mental wellbeing. My photography is my space, and I want to share that experience with others.

I’m often told my people I photograph that they’ve gained just as much from the shooting experience as they have from the images themselves.

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