About: Me

Hi there. I’m Guy Carnegie. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by art, and in following the entire art making process myself from the first spark of concept to the framed print.

Photography for me is a means of satisfying my creative thirst. It’s a way of connecting with something deeper, something more… subliminal. Look at a leaf, a pin, a bicycle. I don’t mean glance at it, but LOOK and really SEE, the veins, the textures, the angles. There’s definitely something to be said about finding beauty wherever you look – if you look hard enough. Perhaps I have never really grown out of that child-like wonderment at seeing everyday objects for the very first time. Do you remember the first time you ever saw a dandylion clock, a mechanical kitchen whisk, a fish in the river, or one of those springy door-stops?

Engaging in art, for me, is not something I reached by chance; one does more than study to become an artist. For me, the appreciation of beauty and the art behind its creation & capture is a state of mind rather than something that can be taught entirely.

I make specific use of the human form to capture many of the components with which I build my images. Although I enjoy capturing the transient beauty of nature as it flits from one dying masterpiece to the next, I now try to construct my images rather more purposefully, through careful and deliberate placement and posing of models and dancers, as would have Vermeer & Caravaggio on canvas.

I strive for simplicity in this world of noise and flashing lights. I try to make my images as serene as I can – almost Zen-like wherever possible.

Looking around, I see so many people in a state of permanent anxiety. Self-awareness and self-care are SO very important as a survival tool for this crazy world. We must take time to look inwards and reflect on our own wellbeing. My photography is my place, my space, and I want to share that experience with others.