Scout Card

Every now and then while I’m out and about, I spot someone who has got that look I need for one of my photographic projects. Sometimes a person just has that powerful physical appearance that makes me stop and take notice. Other times, it’s more they way they are conducting themselves – a certain confidence, a mannerism or flair – but there’s something about them that makes me want to photograph them.

If I have given you one of my scout cards, please don’t be alarmed or embarrassed. There’s no pressure to do anything at all but I’d love you to consider working with me as a model on a project or two.

If you are even just a little bit curious, then check out my castings to see if there’s anything you might be interested in working with me on.

Feel free to read about me here, or on facebook or instagram. I’ve been working with models around the Aberdeen area for over 20 years now!

I won’t use your images unless you say it’s okay, and I never charge a penny for the experience, unlike some unscrupulous talent agencies. You’ll get a handful of fully edited digital images from the shoot suitable for A4 printing or social media. I generally only edit two or three from each “look” so don’t expect hundreds!

Email me or contact via IG/FB.

    This is the number on the back of your scout card, if you have one.